NOW AVAILABLE: Consistently Inconsistent - The Disappointing 2019 Boston Red Sox Season As Told Through a Fan's Diary

My new book, Consistently Inconsistent, is now available on Amazon. Right now the only format is paperback, but I'm working on the Kindle ebook version and hope to have it finalized in the next week or two. This book is a sort of sequel to A Win For Every Stitch, but it has a much different vibe and tone which shouldn't surprise anyone who followed the Red Sox in 2019. As I described in the pre-release announcement, this is a book for baseball and Red Sox fans who are objective and can handle criticism along with's not a negative book, but it's an honest look at the team and the disappointing season they just had and I thought that honesty was worth sharing with anyone who may be interested in it. 

For anyone who would like one, I'm offering signed copies of Consistently Inconsistent like I did last year with A Win For Every Stitch. They'll be the same price as the paperback on Amazon ($14.99) and shipping ANYWHERE in the USA (with tracking) is included in the price. I'm also going to offer signed copies of A Win For Every Stitch for the same price as before ($19.99) as well as an international option (same price but an additional $10 for shipping, which only covers half of the mailing cost but I feel is at least fair). There will also be a special offer to order signed copies of BOTH books together for only $25! That's a savings of $10 if you get them both together signed by me and again, they'll be shipped to you with tracking. Either of these books would make great Christmas gifts for the baseball and/or Red Sox fan in your life, and the sooner you order the better so I can make sure to get them to you in time for Christmas. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT BUTTON in the PayPal dropdown menu below. Also, please allow approximately 1-2 weeks from the time of your order to receipt of the book(s) since I'm a one-man operation and doing all of this on my own in between my day job and my husband/dad duties. I appreciate your understanding!

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at Thanks for reading and supporting my writing!

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