A Win For Every Stitch - Signed Copies Available As An End of Season/Early Christmas Gift Special

Well, the 2019 season sure didn't turn out the way any of us expected. The Red Sox brought back approximately 98% of the same team that dominated in 2018 and couldn't even muster a postseason berth as a follow-up. Disappointing to be sure, but amidst all of that were some positive things. Xander Bogaerts followed up his career season from 2018 with an even better 2019 while Rafael Devers had his own breakout year. Eduardo Rodriguez emerged as the team's best and most reliable starter and flirted with twenty wins, Christian Vazquez shed his "good defense/weak bat" label by having a career year at the plate with over twenty home runs, and Michael Chavis was an early call-up in April and had a solid and productive rookie season. Meanwhile the much maligned bullpen actually pitched pretty well and showed us that it was not them but rather the starting rotation that doomed this championship defense from the get go.

Since this was such a disappointing season and none of us thought the Red Sox would miss the playoffs, I've decided to again make signed copies of  A Win For Every Stitch available as an end of season special. While the book is always available on Amazon, I thought it might cheer up my fellow Red Sox fans who won't have any more Sox games to watch until spring training in March. These signed copies of the paperback cost the same as the unsigned copies do on Amazon, but I will personally sign them and ship them directly to you. I've done this for several hundred fans and readers so far and have had nothing but 100% positive feedback so I'm confident new readers will enjoy this as much everyone else has. (These would make a great Christmas gift for the Red Sox fan or baseball fan in your life, too!)

Here are the details...

- Starting today (October 2nd) and running until the World Series is over, you can purchase a signed paperback copy of A Win For Every Stitch directly from me via the PayPal button above or below.

- The price is $19.99 (the same price as an unsigned copy on Amazon) and that price INCLUDES shipping anywhere in the USA. I am happy to offer international signed copies but the shipping is more expensive (I lose money on books I send out of the country)...if you live outside the US and want a copy, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW or email me at rockandrollchemist@gmail.com so I can tell you how to order one.

- Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks from when you order your book to when you receive it. I need time to get the books from my publisher, sign them, package them, and then ship them. I like to send as many books at one time as I can in order to minimize my trips to the post office and this time frame has worked well before.

- Unless you send me a message (either via PayPal or an email) specifying otherwise, I will sign the book to the name on the PayPal order and ship it to that address. If you want me to send it somewhere else or sign it to someone else, send me a message!

If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask me in the comments section below or email me at rockandrollchemist@gmail.com. I know you'll enjoy the book and hopefully it will remind you of how great last season, help you get over how disappointing this season was, and get you excited for 2020!