Baseball is Back!: Opening Day 2019

For baseball fans far and wide, today is one of our favorite unofficial holidays. It's the beginning of yet another season where, no matter who you root for, hope springs eternal. This could be the year for your team (unless you root for, say, the Marlins in which case sorry, but you've got no chance!). Where I live the winter weather has been stubbornly hanging on for dear life, but there are signs of spring everywhere. My kids' baseball and softball seasons are finally moving from indoor training to outdoor practices and while the weather hasn't cooperated much, little by little it's getting better. Soon it'll be warm and sunny and I'll be spending parts of every day and night at a ball field somewhere, coaching and cheering my kids and their teams on, going to some minor league games, spitting out sunflower seed shells, and playing catch, throwing grounders and fly balls, or tossing batting practice. I'll also spend the next six (and hopefully seven) months living and dying with my Red Sox as I've done since I was born and as I will until I die. 

So wherever you are and whoever you root for, get ready to hear those two words we've waited all winter to hear: PLAY BALL!

If you happen to be a fan of my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, you might enjoy my book A Win For Every Stitch which chronicles their historic 2018 season from Opening Day to the end of the World Series. Click below to check it out and read some reviews...any baseball fan and Sox fan will love it.