A Win For Every Stitch Has Cracked the Top 100 on Amazon!

Since this is my blog, I figure I'm allowed to brag a little bit on here from time to time. In late December a few weeks after it was released, the Kindle ebook version of A Win For Every Stitch was the #1 New Release on the Kindle charts. Sales have been steady and increasing at a nice clip since then, good for the Kindle version but even better for the paperback. I've been selling a TON of signed copies of the book, but as I've seen my Amazon paperback sales increase I had a goal of cracking the top 100 baseball books. That finally happened this past weekend when A Win For Every Stitch hit #89 on the Amazon top 100 baseball books. Given the thousands of books they sell on the sport, to say I was both thrilled and humbled would be an understatement! More than anything, I'm just happy that enough people are enjoying the book...it's got 100% positive five-star reviews as well, so I must be doing something right. I apologize for bragging a little bit, but I thought it was pretty cool!

My next goal is to crack the top 50...

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