ANNOUNCEMENT: MY NEW BOOK: A Win For Every Stitch - A Fan's Diary of the 2018 Boston Red Sox Championship Season

I'm excited to announce that my newest book, A Win For Every Stitch, is due for release in December 2018. This book came about as an idea toward the end of the regular season when the Red Sox were preparing for their postseason run. If you're a regular reader of this site then you'll know that I wrote a recap for every game the Red Sox played in 2018. From Opening Day all the way to the final game of the World Series I followed the team and wrote about what happened each day and my thoughts at the time. At the very end of the season I was left not only with a sense of accomplishment but with an idea: wouldn't it be nice to collect all of my recaps into a running diary of the 2018 season and make it into a book that I could have as a personal memento of this incredible season? It would be something I could go back and enjoy any time. I then realized it might be something that other Red Sox fans may also enjoy. That led to the idea of making it into a full-fledged book and publishing it in order to share it with the rest of Red Sox Nation.

Now for some a couple of quick hits regarding A Win For Every Stitch:

- The book contains every one of my game recaps, from Opening Day in late March all the way to the final game of the World Series. I haven't changed anything other than fixing typos, grammatical errors, and cleaning up some clunky sentences here and there. I didn't add any hindsight or revisionist history, so what you read from me on a particular day is exactly how I felt in that moment. That makes for some interesting reading, especially with the ever-evolving perceptions of the team and certain players which changed for the better (or in some cases, worse) as the season went on. The total length runs around 350 pages.

- There is a freshly written introduction in which I give a potted history of the Red Sox up to the beginning of this season as well as some more detail into what the impetus for the book was. I also touch on my own journey as a baseball fan and what the Red Sox have meant to me over the course of my life. There is an epilogue tying up the remaining loose ends from after the World Series (including the various awards and honors the team and players won in the weeks following winning the championship).

I'm currently reviewing proof copies and finalizing the cover art before I'm ready to publish, but as soon as I have a release date and it's available for purchase I will announce it. There will be a paperback copy available for $19.99 and a Kindle e-book version for $9.99. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to run a promotion and offer autographed would depend on how many people are interested. Regardless, I'm really excited about this book and the opportunity to share it with other Red Sox fans. I always get a little nervous in the run up to a book release...this is my third book and it never gets easier. Still, I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for the Red Sox and the 2018 season with other fans via this book.

Stay tuned for information on how to purchase a copy as we get closer to the release date...I think (and hope) that you'll enjoy this book!


  1. Awesome brother--looking forward to this! I'll be sure to give you a plug!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the support! I'm getting excited for when it's finally's always a long process but the end result is its own special reward.


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