Game 70: Red Sox at Seattle Mariners (June 14, 2018)

I fully expected to watch very little of the series against Seattle what with the late west coast start times, but last night I was inadvertently in the perfect situation to watch almost the entire game. My youngest daughter's softball team had another playoff game for me to coach and we won it handily. We play two more tonight and if we win those, we play for the championship Monday! After her game, my oldest daughter's travel team had a scrimmage at the diamond directly next us so we moved over there to watch. They played a full seven innings and while we lost the scrimmage, my girl went 2-3 with a double, single, RBI, run scored, and walk hitting out of her usual spot second in the order. By the time we got home, it was 10pm and none of us had eaten dinner since the first game had started at 6pm. We threw the Red Sox game on the TV, I ordered some pizzas, and we had a late dinner and watched the game. Good thing the kids are on summer break from school...I was the only one who had to be up early this morning!

The Mariners have been playing great ball this season and have surprised the American League and especially the AL West by passing the Astros for first place in that division. It's always tough to play on the road, especially against a good team, and heading into this one I was hoping for the Sox to get a split. They got that off to a good start when Jackie Bradley hit an RBI double in the top of the second to drive in Rafael Devers. The Mariners' Guillermo Heredia drove in their first run in the fifth on a sacrifice fly to tie the game. The hero of the night was Xander Bogaerts who socked his tenth homer of the season, a solo shot, to put the Sox ahead 2-1 in the top of the sixth. That's how the game would end as Boston held on for a tough but satisfying victory. With the Yankees winning, the Sox continue to find themselves a game ahead in the standings yet in second place. Eventually this will correct itself but it's still such a strange (and frustrating) situation to be in!

The Sox outhit the Mariners nine to six with four guys contributing two hits each: Xander, JD Martinez, Devers, and Christian Vazquez all had two hits while Bradley had the other Boston hit. As for the pitching, David Price continued to pitch great as he went seven strong innings striking out seven, walking none, and only gave up the one run on five hits. That ran his record to 8-4 and lowered his ERA to 3.76. If he can keep this up and the Sox continue to get the production from Eduardo Rodriguez and Steven Wright at the back end of the rotation that they've gotten over the last couple of weeks, they'll continue to be among the best in the American League. They're certainly a better starting rotation than the Yankees which should be a huge advantage come playoff time (assuming Sale, Price, and Porcello can finally start winning games in the postseason).

With two more softball playoff games to coach tonight, it looks like I might be in good shape to stay up late again to watch game two of this series!