Game 5: Red Sox at Miami Marlins (April 2, 2018)

I was able to watch the first couple of innings of this game before I took my oldest daughter to the batting cages to get some practice in. I saw Brian Johnson give up a solo home run but when I left the house, the Sox had two men on and were threatening. When we got back, I managed to watch the last couple of innings and there was one thing above all else that made me happy once the game was over: the offense! Finally, some signs of life and power. Mookie had another good game, Andrew Benintendi finally got a hit, and pretty much everyone else (except for Jackie Bradley) contributed. There were even a couple of home runs, from Mookie and Hanley Ramirez, which were nice to see since the Sox had only hit a total of two on the season prior to this game (and one of those was a flukey inside-the-park homer). As has been the theme so far this young season, the pitching has been great. Johnson went six innings and struck out five, while Marcus Walden earned his first career save. Even Heath Hembree, who has made me nervous every time he steps on the mound the last few seasons, was solid in his inning of middle relief. Red Sox win, 7-3, and they did it with their living legend David Ortiz watching from the stands, sitting next to former two former Yankees rivals in Jorge Posada and Marlins minority owner and Yankees legend Derek Jeter. 

Four wins in a row on the young season where they really should be undefeated (Opening Day still bothers me!). Granted, they've played two bad teams in Tampa and Miami (and don't get me started on pro baseball in Florida...that's a whole other article I need to write some day), but wins are wins. That being said, I want to see how the Sox match up against some better competition as the season progresses.