Game 3: Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays (March 31, 2018)

I was at my oldest daughter's travel softball tournament all day yesterday so we didn't get back home until after the game was over. I didn't get to watch any of it but I did get the updates on my phone and then checked out the box score afterward. A 3-2 win is always nice, but especially when the pitching has been tightened up (for now). Rick Porcello had a good start and hopefully will be more like 2016 Rick than 2017 Rick although it would've been nice to have gotten another inning out him. I'm not a big fan of starters only going five or six innings, but that's where baseball is these days. Rookie Bobby Poyner, who impressed in spring training, was pretty good in his Major League debut in middle relief although he did give up a home run, while Carson Smith made up a bit for his stinker of a performance on opening day. Craig Kimbrel was lights out (as usual) in picking up the save. JD Martinez got his first hits as a Red Sox...hopefully his bat heats up and we get what we're expecting out of him. The best thing, at least in my opinion, is Xander Bogaerts continuing his hot start. He hit a solo home run and later drove in another run. I know it's early but if he can keep this up, it would be huge. Here's hoping they can finish off the series today with a victory and continue the winning streak.