Game 15: Baltimore Orioles at Red Sox (April 15, 2018)

On a day that felt more like football weather than baseball weather, the Sox got their third straight win against the hapless O's and clinched another series victory. I wasn't able to watch more than an inning of the game...we had a birthday in the family to celebrate and then some practices. Also, I spent most of my available time watching the Celtics opening playoff game and following the Sox on my phone. In any event, it was nice to see another win even if the conditions at the ballpark were atrocious. Chris Sale picked up another no decision and while he wasn't particularly sharp due to the cold weather, he didn't need to be. He gave up one run and struck out eight in five innings and the Sox were down 1-0 when he exited. The team would pick up a run in the bottom of the fifth to tie it up and another two in the sixth to take the lead. That would be enough for a 3-1 win. Andrew Benintendi had a 3-4 day including a triple in the fifth to tie the game. Backup infielder Tzu-Wei Lin went 2-4 with an RBI, and JD Martinez took advantage of a wild pitch to score the Red Sox other run. While it was a bit of an ugly game due to the weather, a win is a win and the Sox now have the league's best record at 13-2.

Almost immediately after the game ended, it was announced that the annual Patriot's Day game on Marathon Monday (today, April 16) would be postponed until May 17 due to the inclement weather. While it's understandable given how miserable it's been in April, I confess to being a bit sad that the game won't be played this year. While the players have over the years made their distaste for such an early start known, I've always loved listening to the 11am game while at school or work and then following the marathon results. It just won't feel the same although I'm glad the team will have an off day in order to rest before starting a series in Anaheim against the Angels tomorrow night. LA has been much better than expected this year: Mike Trout (my favorite non-Red Sox player) is always going to be Mike Trout, but their key offseason pick-ups have performed well for them so far, none more so than Japanese rookie Shoehi Ohtani. The Sox weren't originally scheduled to face Ohtani, but he missed his last start against Kansas City for weather-related reasons so they'll face him in the series opener. While west coast games are always tough to watch during the work week due to the 10pm start times, I'm going to do my best to watch this series, and especially Ohtani's start. It should be a fun match-up of two strong teams and another measuring stick for how good these Red Sox really are.