Game 12: New York Yankees at Red Sox (April 12, 2018)

Two out of three ain't bad. Especially when it means the Red Sox have taken the first series of the season from the Yankees. I was coaching my son's travel team tonight so missed the first three innings, checking in regularly with the updates on my phone before getting home to turn the game on. I was greeted by a 6-0 Red Sox lead which, after the previous night, made me very happy. Rick Porcello in his third start of the season looks to have reverted to his 2016 Cy Young-winning form, leaving last season's debacle behind. By the time of the 45 minute rain delay after the fifth inning, he had a no-hitter going. It was eventually broken up by Aaron Judge who hit a double in the seventh. When he left the game after the seventh, Porcello had given up just two hits and struck out six...another great outing and the polar opposite of David Price the night before. The only bit of drama came later in the top of the ninth when Marcus Walden had a brutal outing, loading the bases and giving up a 3-RBI double to Gary Sanchez to let the Yankees on the board. Craig Kimbrel, who didn't expect to pitch given that there was a six run lead in the ninth, had to come in and get the save. Luckily, he made quick work of the Yankees, getting three outs (striking the last two). With that, the Sox took the series and got their tenth win on the young season with a final score of 6-3.

There was a scary moment in the first when Hanley Ramirez was hit on the hand by a pitch and had to leave the game. His X-Rays came back negative which is good, but it looks like we'll be seeing more of Mitch Moreland at first base for the time being. That's fine with addition to a 2-3 night at the plate, he played some of his usual stellar defense in the field. It's also nice to see Jackie Bradley heating up with the bat...he had a nice night and overall had a good series. If everyone starts to bash going forward this team is going to be scary, especially with how dominant the pitching has been.

Bring on the Orioles!