Game 10: New York Yankees at Red Sox (April 10, 2018)

It's only the third week of the season and there's already a series with the can't beat that! Coming in to the game, the Sox were winners of eight straight and in first place while the Yankees had been up and down and sported a 5-5 record. I had looked forward to this series all weekend, figuring they would be tightly contested games. As I sat down on the coach with my two oldest daughters to watch, I told them that I wouldn't be surprised if the Yankees managed to steal two out of three because I didn't think they were as bad as they've looked so far. After last night's blowout 14-1 Red Sox win, now I'm not so sure the Sox won't sweep!

Things got off to a good start in the bottom of the first when the Red Sox scored a run, although after that they had bases loaded with one out and failed to score any more. However, in the second inning they tacked on another three runs, punctuated by a 2-RBI triple from Andrew Benintendi. Hanley Ramirez drove in another run via sacrifice fly in the fourth inning to give the Sox a 5-0 lead. Apart from an absolute moonshot to dead centerfield from Aaron Judge in the fifth, the Yankees couldn't get anything going all night. Stanton in particular looked pretty bad, flailing away and striking out a couple of times early in the game. The Sox blew the game completely open in the sixth, scoring nine runs. JD Martinez missed a grand slam by only a couple of feet and had to settle for a 2-RBI double. After loaded the bases again, the exclamation point was provided by Mookie Betts who launched a grand slam into the Green Monster. Right before he came to bat, I turned to my daughters and said "if he can hit one out right now, that place will explode." Sure enough, he did...and it did! Mookie had a great game, going 4-4 with two doubles and 4 RBI. Cora wisely pulled Sale after six need for him to be in there with a thirteen run lead. The bullpen mopped up the Yankees and that was it. Nine straight wins and humiliating the Yankees? I'll take it!

More than the great start to the series against New York, I loved how the Sox played last night. Aggressive at the plate, aggressive (but smart) on the basepaths, and they seemed to be very loose and having a lot of fun. The Yankees, by contrast, seemed tight and like they were pressing (especially Stanton). It'll be interesting to see how both teams come out tonight and whether the momentum they had going in opposite directions last night carries over tonight.