Baseball *IS* Back: Opening Day 2018

Finally, winter is unofficially over and spring is unofficially here! While I'm not crazy about how much earlier the season is starting this year, it's still good to finally have real baseball back. It's been fun watching spring training games and getting excited for the season, but now the games count. I'll be watching all season to see how the Red Sox do and have contemplated trying to blog every game, all 162 of them. Even if it's only a sentence or two, or if I didn't even watch the game (I tend to watch around 100 a season), I'm mulling over whether to do this by asking myself A) would I have fun doing it and B) would people have fun reading it? I'm still thinking it over and I guess I'd better make my decision soon. What do you think?

In the meantime, PLAY BALL!