Chemist on the Go

In case any of you were wondering what was going on in my real life as a chemist, I bring to you this brief update on my continuing adventures in securing my next position of full-time employment. Ever since I was laid off in November, I've been working at this non-stop. Because of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years I lost a lot of time since companies were closed for the holidays and those involved in the hiring process took time off for vacation. However, since mid-January things have started to pick up and the handful of phone interviews I had in November and December turned into a lot more. I continue to field a lot of phone calls, while over the last two weeks I've started to do some traveling for interviews. It's exciting since I'm not only learning about potential new opportunities, meeting interesting new people, and having interesting discussions as I move ever closer to rejoining the ranks of the employed, but it's been nice seeing new and different parts of the country in the process. I've logged a lot of miles in the car and the air, several nights at hotels, and not only have I learned about a lot of interesting science, but I'm realizing that wherever I end up that I'll be doing some absolutely fascinating work alongside equally talented and motivated people. For me, that's the most exciting thing when I think about what the future holds. I certainly didn't foresee being in this situation, but as with all things in life it's been a learning experience and will undoubtedly (and presumably) lead to something bigger and better. As always, in order to (hopefully) entertain and inform my fellow chemists or anyone else who may be going through this very ordeal, I'll write more once when there's an update that merits it. Until then, this chemist is still on the go!