The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (If You're a Sports Fan!)

Ah, September is almost over and the weather is finally starting to cool down as autumn approaches. This has always been my favorite time of year for a multitude of reasons, ranging from the weather to the beautiful fall foliage, my kids starting another school year, and of course SPORTS! At this time of year, football season is starting, baseball season is coming to an end and heading into the playoffs (and in my opinion, baseball playoffs are second only to hockey playoffs in greatness), and basketball and hockey seasons are starting.

For a Boston sports fan like me, in 2016 this means that the Patriots, even with Tom Brady out for the first four games, are already 3-0 and on their way to contend for another Super Bowl; the Red Sox are one game away from clinching their division, tied for the best record in the American League, and a contender for the World Series; the Celtics should be the second- or third-best team in the Eastern Conference this year with their successful season last year and the addition of Al Horford; and the Bruins...well, they're still rebuilding but they should at least be better than last year!

On top of all of that, all four of my kids are playing sports this fall: my two oldest daughters are playing softball, my son is playing baseball, and my youngest daughter is playing soccer. With at least one practice just about every night of the week and multiple games on the weekends (we had *FIVE* last weekend), it keeps us busy, but they're having fun and so are my wife and I. The improvement in all of their skills just from the spring is huge and more than that, they are all passionate about their sports.

Yep, I love fall!  Do you? If so, what are some reasons why?