Paul Draper's New Single: "Feeling My Heart Run Slow"

I've professed my love of the late, great band Mansun. They've been split up since 2003, but their music is some of my favorite ever made and it's soundtracked my life over the last sixteen years since I first became a fan. Since their break-up, I and countless other fans have been wondering when Paul Draper, their lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist would release some solo music. While Paul has remained busy as a producer and collaborator, we all really wanted some new music from this supremely talented man. A track was teased during the first ever Mansun Convention in 2014, and since then Paul has posted numerous videos and clips on his Facebook page showing the making of his first solo album. Finally, this past week, the first song was released in advance of the EP that will precede the album. Titled "Feeling My Heart Run Slow," this is the finished version of the track that was premiered at the Mansun convention and what a great song it is! I cannot explain how great it was to for me to hear Paul's voice again singing a new song that has all the hallmarks of his great songwriting. It was at the same time comforting and spine-tingling. As with most of his Mansun stuff, it has a soaring chorus and enough interesting stuff going on musically to keep you engaged after countless listens.

I hope you like this song as much as I do, and for me this bodes VERY well for Paul's forthcoming album...I can't wait! Have a listen or five and let me know what you think.