Why Music?

The other day I was talking with my second oldest daughter, who's not quite ten, and she said "Dad, you really like music, don't you?"

"You bet!" was my reply.

"Why? Why are you so into it? I like music, too, but you're like REALLY obsessed with music."

That last question made me stop and think for a minute before I could answer her. I told her that after her mother, her, and her siblings, it was the biggest passion in my life and always has been. I've long been the butt of good-natured jokes from family and friends over my all-consuming love of music, but I gladly accept and acknowledge that I'm like that. I listen to music almost any moment I can during the day, from using my iPod at work (either with earphones at my desk or through speakers in the lab) to in the car, at home when I'm working or relaxing, and any time in between. I like to read about music and musicians, and I like to read about musical instruments and recording gear. I like to discuss music with other people and I like to write and play music. In short, anything having to do with music I am very passionate about.

From the beginning I've intended this to be a relatively short post as it was inspired by an offhand comment my daughter made that got the wheels in my head turning a bit, so to answer her question and cut to the chase, why is music my passion? Since this post is based on me personally, I'm only speaking for myself, so keep that in mind, but I'm so passionate (and some might say obsessed) with music first and foremost because it makes me feel good. It does something inside of my brain, my heart, and my soul that touches me on a deep level and brings an almost spiritual sort of pleasure. As a fan and listener, it can communicate and comfort in ways other mediums can't. As a musician and creator of my own music, it's one of the most intimate yet safest forms of expression, where you can be as nakedly open or cunningly obfuscating as you want to be. Most of all, it's just in my blood and in my soul...in the same way other people are into exercise or sports or gardening or painting, I'm into music. I've got several other passions (writing, reading, running, sports) but music always has been and always will be #1 for me and that's just the way it is. I could go on further, but I promised I'd keep it short and this seems like a good place as any to wrap it up, so I'll do just that.


  1. As far as it goes, "because it makes me feel good" is a pretty good reason.

    My daughter, a music major, told me that music is a part of *all* cultures - although the reasons each culture finds are often quite different. Music is almost certainly a deep part of being human.

    - - - and perhaps more. Dogs will "sing" with us - not, generally, harmoniously, but with enthusiasm - so perhaps music is part of being - - - - mammal?? :)

  2. Maybe it's just part of being *alive*?

    I agree with you, it's definitely a part of the human condition and has been around for as long as humans have been alive. It's truly a magical force, isn't it?

  3. Mathematics is the language of science and music is the language of life.


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