The Who: Tommy (A Depiction)

As you know, I've always been musically inclined and music and writing have long been my two creative outlets for all of my life.  However, only people who know me really well personally would also know that in my youth I was also quite a good artist. I used to love to draw and spent many hours during those years making pictures of all sorts of things, especially super heroes. I wasn't the greatest artist, but I was better than decent and even now, as out of practice as I am, my kids love it when I draw with them. For those of you who might remember, I found a drawing of some of my favorite guitarists that I did when I was sixteen which I posted last year...not too bad, right?

But enough of that...the whole thing that prompted this little post is what is shown above. While I was in high school, I took art classes for a year and learned all sorts of things about drawing and painting. We kept a portfolio of all of our work that was saved throughout the year and which we got to keep at the end of the class. I was going through it a few weeks ago as I moved it from a closet to another closet (of course) and remembered this painting I did of the album cover triptych from Tommy. I did it during a free period I had at school, just for art teacher allowed me to come in and use the materials for it.  It's not perfect but I think it came out pretty can compare for yourself with the real cover which is shown below. Mine doesn't have the proper depth on the edges of the sphere as the actual art by Mike McInnerney but otherwise it's fairly close. I did this at the end of senior year of high school, when I had just turned seventeen, so this would have been in the spring of 1997.

What do you think?


  1. Pretty good. Now it's hard to tell what's done by hand and what's been modified by computers, which may have been how they got that op-art, bend in the original Tommy album.

    1. I believe the original was 100% painting...McInnerney was/is a wicked talented artist.


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