The Rock and Roll Chemist is on Facebook

I finally bit the bullet and decided to create an official Facebook page for the Rock and Roll Chemist. The idea is certainly not to replace this blog; rather, it's to offer another platform for exposure and news updates while directing people to my latest and greatest (he says modestly) writing which will continue to be on this site. Additionally, it will be a good place for news updates on my various book projects, which include my two Blur books as well as what I have in the pipeline: my Mansun book, another book on Blur, and my first novel (in progress since 2010). I hope you will "like" the Facebook page in addition to continuing to read my stuff here on the blog. Thanks, and please spread the word!


  1. You might like to join a few music groups as well like the Psych 60's one on FB, it just networks more.

    I joined it though don't participate much. I used to date a gal that was a poet, who finally put out a book, and she knew all about networking and promotion. I came to realize that getting known was one half talent, the other was promotion.

    1. Cool, I will check it out! I'm a member of a lot of groups on FB but I only participate regularly in a few of them...the rest are more to keep abreast of anything (if anything) new or interesting. Otherwise you get information overload!


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