What Would You Do With An Extra $100?

See the C note? Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra one?

(WARNING: The following is a fun little post I was inspired to write...I had fun thinking about this and writing it and I hope you have fun reading it, too!)

Being the parents of four energetic and wonderful children, my wife and I are always looking for ways to save money. That's why we do things like buy our groceries in bulk at wholesale clubs, keep our kids' clothes clean and in good shape for hand-me-downs, and try to live slightly below our means.  When we do spend some money on nice things, we always make sure it's of high enough quality that it's going to last a long time so that we get our money's worth. It's also one of the reasons why I still drive a car that is twelve years old and has almost 300,000 miles on it.  Any money we can save can be spent on something more important, or saved in the bank for the future. In today's uncertain and dismal economy, every penny is important.

Being a man of Greek descent, I'm also always trying to save money and time on shaving. I should be shaving every day but my sensitive skin can't handle that, so I stretch it out to every other day. Even so, I have the literal shadow on my face after my morning shave that shows up well before five o'clock.  And any man who has to shave on a regular basis knows that razors are damn expensive! I try to get as many uses as I can out of each cartridge but this leads to dull razors and a shave that is decreasingly close each time and really chews up your skin. While there are many ways to save money on razors, one of the ways I've been considering doing this is by signing up for Dollar Shave Club, which delivers razors to you every month for half the price of the store brands.  In fact, if one were to do the math, this could leads to savings of $100 a year! So when I first heard about Dollar Shave Club via one of their humorous TV ads, I thought it was a great idea and it made me think about the money I could save. I thought it'd be a good idea to write a post describing what I would do if I had an extra $100 in my pocket, and during my last shave  this is what I came up with...

If I'm being responsibly practical, I'd spend it on...

- A few new pairs of dress pants or dress shirts to wear to work
- Some new clothes and shoes for my kids who are growing so fast!
- A nice piece of jewelry for my wife
- A day at the museum or aquarium with the family
- A place in my savings account so it can go toward something bigger

However,  if I'm being irresponsible and self-indulgent, I'd spend it on...

- That pair of the Beatle Boots I've always wanted
- A whole stack of CDs to add to my already massive music collection
- A bunch of new books
- Music gear
- A nice dinner out with my wife (without any kids!)

While saving money is important, it's also important to spend it since you can't take it with you. Even if you're responsible, you need to live a little and have some fun! I know I can come up with a bunch more ways to spend an extra $100 and I'm sure you can, too!

How about you? What would you do with an extra $100?


  1. I started watching Clark Howard, sort of a budget guru and finance guy, some years back when I'd catch him on TV. Clark gets a year out of his disposable razors, which I started doing, and it works pretty well I forget what brand he uses, but I buy a pack of 5 or 6 Bic razors at Walmart for around $6. I think. Anyway, they last pretty well, if you'll dry them off after using them. I shave in the shower, without a mirror, just suds it up and get after it.

    I also have a cheap model electric razor (Phillips Norelco, Walmart) I use as well, and they are pretty good for daily use. They don't get as close a shave, but they're quick and easy.

    If I had an extra hundred, I dunno. I might just buy a nice meal and a movie afterwards. That sounds pretty nice. I could probably use a new blue dress shirt too.

  2. I've been stretching my razors out for about a month each cartridge, but my stubble grows so fast and is so thick that they get dull pretty quick. By the end of its lifespan, the cartridge is just hacking away and leaving my skin pretty raw. It's nice being able to grow a beard in a couple of weeks but seeing as I only grow one every couple of years, it's kind of a drag!


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