Guitar Heroes

My guitar heroes, pencil on paper ca. 1995/1996

We've been steadily unpacking our belongings since our recent move to Pennsylvania and as I was going through one of my boxes the other day, I found the above drawing. I drew this when I was 15 or 16 years old, so it dates from 1995/1996. It was done only with a bunch of pencils and a blank piece of paper (approximate size is 24" x 36").  I drew all of my favorite guitarists from photos I had clipped out of magazines or from album artwork. As a teenager who was obsessed with music and playing guitar (and here I am at nearly 35 and nothing has changed!), it seemed a fun thing to do. I distinctly remember sitting at the dining room table with the pictures all laid out in front of me as I worked diligently on this for several days. The end result is above, which I hung in my bedroom until I went off to college in 1997. It's been stored away ever since until I found it again.  

I'm sure you can guess most, if not all, of the guitarists shown, but just in case there are some you don't know, I've decided not to tag them in this post until I see if anyone can guess all of them. So have at it!

Can you name all of the guitarists I drew in this picture nearly 20 years ago? Answer in the comments section below!


  1. That is REALLY cool. You're very talented. I shared your site link with a buddy of mine at

  2. Thanks very much! I used to be quite the artist but I've let that slip although it's something I'd love to get back into.

    I'll check out your friends site, cheers for the link!


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