Monday, June 9, 2014

The Who Live at Leeds

This is the only known footage of The Who at Leeds University on Valentine's Day, 1970, when their legendary Live at Leeds album was recorded. Someone took all of the fragments and stitched them together and synced them with the album...this is incredible stuff and it's a damn shame film of the entire show isn't available.

This is great stuff! No light shows, no lasers or smoke bombs, no backing dancers or video screens...just 4 guys on stage in a college dining hall/refectory playing some of the most exciting, ass-kicking rock of all time.

I've also been able to collect as many photos as I can find on the Internet from that legendary night, which I've posted below (NONE OF THESE PHOTOS ARE MINE, I make no claims to them as my own, and the copyright belongs to the owners, NOT ME). If you know of any more, please let me know...I'd love to see them!

Here's the University of Leeds' website dedicated to commemorating this special night.

Were you there in Leeds that night in 1970? Or did you ever see the Who live back when they were truly THE WHO, when Keith Moon was alive (ie pre-1978). If so, please leave a comment, I'd love to discuss it with you!

Backstage photos:

Kim and Keith Moon

Pete and Karen Townshend

John Entwistle and Kim Moon



The stage being set up before the show:

The concert:



Some pictures of the crowd that night, and a picture of the recording equipment used to capture the was set up in the kitchen!



  1. My 'boo was never sexier or more gorgeous than in his fringes and terrific smelling curly hair!!!!

    1. He definitely pioneered that look, along with Robert Plant, in that era.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you liked them! I only wish I could've been there myself, except it was exactly 9 years and 364 days before I was born.

  3. saw the who at the oval cricket ground london 18/9/71 just as they released whos next. After being introduced onstge they ran out and began playing i was front left looking onto the stage, it was terrifically loud. i recollect them pl;aying 'baba o'reilly ' 'won't get fooled again' my generation' and 'magic bus' townsend smashed his guitar up, he didn't need to the music spoke for itself.
    I next saw them at Charlton 30/5/76; their magnificent second appearance at this venue. this was the greatest show i ever saw, it was a vast football pitch but the energy and the performance were astonishing. i recall they were sliding on the wet slippery stage, and daltry got on his knees and dried the area he was singing in with a towel- infront of a vast crowd.
    i thought that i shouldn't leave it too long to see them again, sadly there wouldn't be another chance with moon...

    1. Wow you're very lucky, those are two of their greatest ever shows!! I've got tapes of both and they're awesome but to have been're one of the few who can say that! The '76 Charlton show was the loudest rock concert you remember how loud it was?

      I only saw the Who once, in '97, and great as it was I don't consider anything they've done after Moon died as *real* Who. The four of them together were just magic.

    2. Correct. Although they were pretty damn good when Mom and I saw them at Marysville, CA on August 22, 2000. :)

    3. I bet they were. Even The Two (as I call them now) are better than most bands these days :-)

  4. This is John Rettie - I'm the photographer who shot many of the above photos. If anyone wants fine art prints contact me via my website