The Magical Mystery Tour: Day 50

With this batch, I'm through the "E's" and ready to tackle the "F" albums!

Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton
Chris Cornell - Euphoria Morning
The Rolling Stones - European Tour 1973
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
The Kinks - Everybody's in Showbiz
Husker Du - Everything Falls Apart (and more)
Rush - Everything Will Happen (Birmingham, England 4/21/88)
The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
Rush - Exit...Stage Left
The Bluetones - Expecting to Fly
Genesis - Extra Tracks 1970-1975

Queens of the Stone Age's 2007 album is a pile driving tour de force and a fantastic album full of dirty, distorted riffs and bludgeoning drums (with a few gentler exceptions). After Eric Clapton's first solo album, where he was first backed by the eventual Derek and the Dominos, Chris Cornell's first post-Soundgarden solo album follows. It's by far his best solo album and just chock full of great songs and performances, quite different from his Soundgarden sound and fantastic. The first Stones album in this batch is a collection of soundboard tracks from their 1973 European Tour which is excellent. Their 1972 masterpiece, Exile on Main Street, is also in here...there's not too much I can say about this album that hasn't already been written. The bonus CD of unreleased tracks is pretty good as well. In keeping with debut albums, Neil Young's second solo album, but his first with his Crazy Horse band, is a classic with three of his best ever songs: Cinnamon Girl, Down By the River, and Cowgirl in the Sand. The Kink's transitional foray from straight rock to their more theatrical 1970s incarnation in 1972's Everybody's in Showbiz shows that they still were on top of their game: the second disc is a live show from Carnegie Hall while the studio half contains some of the best songs in their catalog, including Celluloid Heroes and Supersonic Rocket Ship. The collection of Husker Du's first studio LP and their non-album early singles, B-sides, and EPs is on the Everything Falls Apart (and more) album. A great look into their development from a hardcore punk band into something more melodic but no less energetic. A superb Rush show from 1988 is followed by one of the greatest live albums, their Exit...Stage Left, which shows them just blowing everyone away with their musicianship and songs as they toured in support of their Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures albums. The debut album from the Bluetones is one of the greatest albums of the 1990s and chock full of riffs, sixties inspired guitar work, a superb rhythm section, soaring vocal harmonies, and a first rate collection of songs. Finishing off the "E" albums is a CD of extra tracks from the Genesis box set covering the golden years of the Peter Gabriel era of the band. Several early versions of songs from 1975's The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway album, recorded a few years in advance, are a highlight of this album.

On to the "F's!"