A Nice Review of The Rock and Roll Chemist

I recently submitted this very blog to review to see what other people think of what I'm doing here and what my readers might like and dislike. While it's always nice to get praise (of course!), it's also nice (and valuable) to get criticisms in order to learn from them and improve upon whatever it is you're doing. Thus, I was very interested to see what the assessment of my site would be.

Thanks to Alexis at Randomly Written, I've just received the review for my site, and I have to say I'm very pleased! Please have a read (if you don't mind me tooting my own horn a bit) and feel free to offer any of your feedback in the comments section below. Basically:

What do you like about the Rock and Roll Chemist? 
What do you dislike about it?
Any suggestions to change or improve this site?

I welcome it all, just please be nice and civil...that's all I ask.