Let's Try Something New: Flattr

(I want to make clear in advance that this forthcoming post is in no way a post where I'm begging for money...rather I'm curious to see if and how this service actually works and to see if people will really support online content they like and the people who create it. Think of it as a working experiment.)

I've mentioned it before, but for anyone who has missed it, I'd love to make more of a go of my writing, both here on this blog and elsewhere.  I've got a lot of projects in mind, from book reviews and general posting of topics of interest here, to finishing the novel I started writing a few years ago, writing an addendum to my Blur books, and also picking up the book on Mansun (another favorite band of mine) that I started a while ago. I'd also like to improve this site, both the look, functionality, and the content I can create, share, and deliver to all of you who visit. To that end, I'm going to try something new that I stumbled across the other day, and it's called Flattr. 

What is Flattr, you ask? It's a new social donation system for online content. Basically, it's a way for people to leave microdonations to sites where the like the content, in order to support the creator. Think of it as an "online tip jar." Anyone with a Flattr account has a set amount of (real) money each month that they decide to donate, and depending on how many sites they Flattr, at the end of the month that amount is divided amongst all of the beneficiaries. 

I mentioned above what I would do with any donations I receive in this manner, and I've added the little Flattr buttons to this site: one in the top upper left hand corner of the entire site, and at the end of each post. So I'm going to try this out...not only might I get some help to achieve my dreams when it comes to writing, but it'll nice way to see how much people like my site and what I do. 

So if you have an account and are so inclined, won't you Flattr me?