A Ticket, A Memory...Perhaps a Story?

I found this picture online a while back...it's an unused ticket to the Beatles' concert here in Boston at Suffolk Downs Racetrack on their final tour in 1966. This interested me for a variety of reasons:

- I'm a massive Beatles fan (duh!)
- It was here in Boston
- I've seen a concert there at Suffolk Downs (Radiohead in 2001)

But the coolest reason, for me at least, is that it reminded me that my lifelong friends' mother was at this concert! She told me about it a few times many years ago when I was a kid visiting their house, and I've always meant to ask her more details about it but never got around to it. I'm still in touch with her so perhaps I should ask her soon what her memories of the concert are. I do remember one thing she told me, which is that the screaming was *really* loud but that she had a blast. I'm willing to bet that there's an interesting story there...I think I'll go ahead and try to ask her about it sooner rather than later.