The Magical Mystery Listening Tour: Day 38

The last one of these in 2013...some un-"Convention"-al albums mixed in here, all of them live (sorry for the pun!)

Credence Clearwater Revival - The Concert
The Who - Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland 9/29/69
Led Zeppelin - Convention Center, Ft. Worth, TX 5/19/73
The Beatles - Convention Hall, Philadelphia, PA 9/2/64
Genesis - Convention Hall, West Palm Beach, FL 1/10/75

First up is a great live CCR album from 1970, showing that in addition to their numerous great hit songs, they were also a powerhouse live band. No frills, this is just straight ahead rock! The Who's opening show of their 1969 European tour is in a pristine sounding recording and while it's not their greatest show, The Who still blew the competition away on a slightly off day, and there are still some absolutely majestic and frightening moments of power in this show (such as Amazing Journey/Sparks). Led Zeppelin's show in Ft. Worth takes place a day after a rather tense show in Dallas, but this one is much more relaxed and fun, finding the band in absolutely top form on what was their last consistently great tour. The Beatles' show in Philly is wonderful sounding and very powerful, showing that they were still a top live band even after all of the mania hit the US earlier in 1964. Finally, a Genesis show from early 1975 on the massive tour support the epic Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tour rounds out this batch. It sounds great, quality-wise, and is a tight and dramatic performance, even without all of the visuals and costumes that accompanied all of the shows on that tour.