The Magical Mystery Listening Tour: Day 36

Getting into the back end of the "C" albums:

Led Zeppelin - Coda
Billy Joel - Cold Spring Harbor
Cream - Coliseum, Oakland, CA 10/4/68
The Rolling Stones - Coliseum, Oakland, CA 11/9/69 (early show)
The Rolling Stones - Coliseum, Oakland, CA 11/9/69 (late show)
The Beatles - Coliseum, Washington, DC 2/11/64
R.E.M. - Collapse Into Now

Led Zeppelin's "leftovers" collection from 1982 has a few tunes worth seeking out, including some that should absolutely ended up on the albums they were recorded for (ie 1970's Poor Tom, and 1978's Ozone Baby, Darlene, and Wearing and Tearing). Bill Joel's debut album is a solid and enjoyable slice of piano-driven rock with the quirky distinction of being too high in pitch due to the pressings all being at too high a speed! A quartet of shows at arenas named "Coliseum" follow: a great show from Cream's farewell tour, two shows from the Stones' legendary 1969 US tour; the first one, where equipment problems forced them into two acoustic songs right after the opening number, and constant complaints from Mick Jagger throughout, and the second show which was released as one of the first ever bootleg records in 1970, "Liver Than You'll Ever Be." The Beatles' Coliseum show was their first proper concert in the USA after they'd made their Ed Sullivan Show debut days earlier. It's a raucous and energetic performance and really enjoyable. Finally, R.E.M.'s final album before their 2011 break-up is a solid and enjoyable, if unspectacular finale to a stellar career. Bereft of an obvious standout single, it was an acceptable, if not understated and slightly weak way to end a career.