The Magical Mystery Listening Tour: Day 35

Picking up where I left off before the Thanksgiving holiday...

The Kinks - At the BBC
Derek and the Dominos - Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA 11/20/70 (early show)
Derek and the Dominos - Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA 11/20/70 (late show)
Genesis - Civic Plaza Assembly Hall, Phoenix, AZ 1/28/75
Dream Theater - Cleaning Out the Closet
Rush - Clockwork Angels
The Rolling Stones - Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI 7/28/75

First, a bit out of order since I got something new: The Kinks BBC set is a massive 5CD set with all of the BBC sessions available in their vaults. It's absolutely fantastic and essential listening for any Kinks fan. It includes two great concert they recorded for the BBC, one from 1974 and one from 1977. Two Derek and the Dominos shows from their only US tour are next, and these feature Delaney Bramlett on rhythm/slide guitar. While at times he gets in the way of Clapton's soloing with his aimless noodling, and he clutters Clapton and Whitlock's harmonies with his own rambling, overall these are fun shows to listen to and show Clapton at his peak, playing with a fire he hasn't exhibited since. A Genesis show from their final tour with Peter Gabriel, performing the complete "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" concept album is fantastic and the pristine sound quality really brings it to life. Wrapping up this batch are a couple of prog rock giants: Dream Theater's 1999 fan club release, which was a compilation of studio leftovers and B-sides. All of the songs are really nice, especially Raise the Knife...why this was left off of "Falling Into Infinity" is a mystery. Rush's most recent album is one of the strongest of their entire forty year career, and has them at the most intense, creative, and heaviest, perhaps ever. Finally, a Stones show from their 1975 (the first with Ron Wood, who was simply a fill-in guitarist for the recently departed Mick Taylor) finishes off this batch. It's a solid show from an excellent tour, although Billy Preston as the touring keyboard player (complete with a couple of solo spots) is not my favorite.