The Magical Mystery Listening Tour: Day 30

Finished with the B's and clearing out the week's listening (hey, I had a busy week!).

E - Broken Toy Shop
The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers and Sisters
Chris and Rich Robinson - Brothers of a Feather
Oasis - B-Sides
Radiohead - B-sides
Eels - B-sides and Rarities
Happy Mondays - Bummed
Frank Zappa - Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Gov't Mule - By a Thread
The Black Crowes - By Your Side

Phew, lots to get through! E's second solo album (before he started Eels) is a nice collection of his style of melodic pop songs, although the Eels B-side and rarities compilation I listened to later on is quite weak. A few nice songs, a few interesting ones, and some really bizarre/forgettable ones (mainly remixes). The Allman Brothers Band album is the last one they made with their legendary original line-up (minus Duane Allman, who died the year before, and Berry Oakley, who died midway through the making of this record). It's the last album of theirs I listen to, but it's wonderful. The Robinson brothers' album is a really nice live recording of an acoustic gig they did during the Crowes' hiatus, while the final "B" album, by the Crowes, is a transitional one but has some really solid and soulful songs (including the exquisite Virtue and Vice). The Oasis and Radiohead B-sides compilations have a lot of garbage but a lot of absolute gems, songs that are stronger than many of their respective A-sides and album tracks. The Happy Mondays' second album is their first truly essential record and is just soaked in the drug and rave culture of late 1980s Britain. The Zappa album is rather understated but one I've always really liked. It's mostly instrumental (apart from the opening and closing tracks) and has some great ensemble playing, not to mention some of Zappa's most challenging and interesting compositions of that era in his career. Finally, the Gov't Mule album is excellent, as is typical for them...I don't think they've made an album yet that I haven't really enjoyed. Now, on to the "C" albums!