Day by Day, Anyday Now: Four New Books I'll Be Reviewing Soon

I'm awaiting a copy of several new books to review. The first is "The Beatles Day By Day: The Sixties As They Happened" by Terry Burrows. I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing this, as it seems to be a new twist on the day-by-day diary book in that it places the events in the greater context of what was going on in the 1960s. Should be interesting!

The second book is Tony Fletcher's excellent extensive biography on R.E.M., "Perfect Circle." They've long been a favorite band of mine and other than the older (and excellent) book "It Crawled From the South," there really haven't been any good books on them. Fletcher has had a long association with the band and also had the personal input of the members of the band, so this looks to be the excellent and definitive word on this quintessentially American legendary band.

The third book is "Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With the Beatles" by Tony Bramwell. Tony was a childhood friend of George Harrison's and worked for Brian Epstein and the Beatles all through the 1960s. Tony has agreed to an interview with me after I've reviewed his book, so stay tuned here for that...I'm very excited about this!

Lastly is a work of "faction" (fact and fiction, as coined by the author) called "Into the Sky with Diamonds" by Ron Grelsamer, whom I know as a fellow forum member on the excellent Beatles Bible Fab Forum ( Ron was kind enough to contact me and offer to send a copy of the book to me to read and review, and it looks to present a different twist on its look at the 1960s. I'm quite interested and intrigued to read it!