The Magical Mystery Listening Tour: Day 21

Today's albums:

The Beatles - Beatles For Sale
Eels - Beautiful Freak
Morrissey - Beethoven Was Deaf
Blur - Beetlebum
The Black Crowes - Before the Frost...

The Beatles' fourth album came at the end of a punishing, exhausting year. The fact that they were able to record two albums of nearly all original material (of the 27 album tracks, 21 of them were originals), multiple non-album singles, their first movie, their first visits to America, world tours, etc is stunning. While it's not their best album, it's still damn good and has some of the most mature writing and performances of their early period. Eels' first album is a classic of the mid-to-late 1990s alternative genre and a hint of what was to come. The live Morrissey album is really good, if not inessential in his discography. Blur's first single from their self-titled album is one of my all-time favorite songs, and has some decent B-sides, including the great All Your Life. Finally, the Crowes' album is part one of their double-album that was recorded live in the studio in front of a small audience. It's the more rock oriented, electric half (the second half being more folky/acoustic) and show the band in their typically great form, sounding both like a throwback to the late 1960s but at the same time wholly original and modern.