The Magical Mystery Listening Tour: Day 19

Even more BBC sessions today!

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - BBC Sessions
Rory Gallagher - BBC Sessions
The Kinks - BBC Sessions

Hendrix' sessions are no less incendiary than his studio albums or live shows of the period, and sometimes more so given the confines of the studio. There's a nice selection of material, too, from his singles and album cuts to covers of blues and surf (!) music. The Rory sessions are the same, absolutely killer. The first half is made up of a live-for-radio performance and includes my favorite version of Calling Card, which has some of the best soloing and guitar tone I've ever heard. The second disc is made up of studio sessions which are still great. The Kinks' sessions are a collection covering 1964-1977 and are excellent, not least of which because they not only play their hit singles but also some great and obscure album cuts, especially from post-1970.