Halfway There

Just a little update, but I'm just about halfway through the first volume of the definitive Beatles biography, due out in a few weeks. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and if I didn't have to sleep or work, I would probably be finished as it's so engaging and informative that I can hardly put it down! One thing I will mention now is that it's full not of huge, groundbreaking revelations (because let's face it, the Beatles have already been written about so much that there aren't many of those left to unearth), but LOADS of new little bits of information throughout that fill in many gaps and bring new wrinkles of their story to life. I am planning on including many of those within my full review once I'm finished with the book. I hope to be finished sometime at the end of next week, with my review to follow shortly after. As the title to this volume so aptly says, Tune In!