Books On Deck

Here are the new book releases that are up next on my to-read-and-review pile:

While I'm not a fan of Morrissey the man by any stretch, I am a huge fan of his music, mainly from his time in The Smiths in the 1980s but also his solo work. He's a very...interesting individual and I know quite a bit of his story from Johnny Rogan's excellent Smiths biography "Severed Alliance," which I bought in the late 1990s. I'm very curious to read his life story in his own words. Penguin Books has sent this to me and I'm eagerly awaiting it so I can begin it.

This is a brand new biography of George Harrison that looks to be really well done. George is certainly the least understood and most mysterious of all of the Beatles, and I have conflicted feelings about him. Overall, I love the guy for his music and who he was as a person, but there were many aspects of his personality and attitudes that I never cared for. He's truly the most complex of all of the Beatles, even more so (or at least as much as) John Lennon. Omnibus Press, who are great and previously sent me a copy of a new Blur biography to review, have sent this to me and I'm very excited to read and review this one. Even though I own and have read George's memoir, it doesn't get too in depth, and this book looks as though it will dig deep into the man and his life, which interests me to no end.