A (Personal) Great Customer Service Story: Eyeglasses.com

This one's a little different from my usual posts, but bear with me...

Briefly, I'd wanted a pair of John Lennon-style glasses for years, and last year I decided to purchase a pair. There were several websites that sold official Lennon-brand glasses, and after doing some price comparisons and Internet sleuthing to find which site had the best customer ratings, I decided to order mine from Eyeglasses.com. The price was right, and I could easily customize the lenses how I wanted them (a *very* weak prescription for reading, transitions lenses, stronger material). They shipped within a week and arrived at my house two days later. From the moment I first put them on, they were the most comfortable glasses I'd ever worn and I LOVED the way they looked. Then I noticed that they'd only sent me a generic (but nice) case for them. This is where the first of my two excellent experiences with their customer service comes in...

Me and the Lennon glasses
Maybe it seems silly to you, but I had seen online on Eyeglasses.com and other websites that these glasses were supposed to come with an official Lennon-branded case to go along with them, and as a huge Beatles and Lennon fan, I really wanted the case. As you can see below, it's nothing spectacular but I just really wanted it. I emailed the customer service at Eyeglasses.com asking if they had any extras and if I could purchase one. Instead, I got a reply saying they'd be happy to send one to me for free! It showed up in the mail a few days later. So that's one point for their customer service.

They earned the second point these past two weeks. I was about to take my glasses off at the end of the day and as I did, the right lens fell out and right into my hand! I noticed that the set screw holding the frame together at the temple, which keeps the lens in, had popped out. It's a tiny screw so I had no chance of finding it and had no idea when or where it may have fallen out. I happened to have a spare screw which I used to tighten the frame, although it was twice the necessary length, so the end of the screw stuck up and out at my temple and I didn't like the way it felt. I searched online and in stores and could not find screws the right size, length, or color to fix my glasses. Needless to say I was a bit upset. I contacted the customer support at Eyeglasses.com again, asking if they had any spare screws and could I buy one? I received a prompt reply saying they'd send me a few pairs free of charge, and three days later they came in the mail and I was able to fix my glasses! Not only that, they ended up sending me eight screws so I'll have plenty in reserve.

I know it seems trifling that I actually wrote a post about this entire experience, but in a day and age where everything is done online or over the phone and customer service, if you even have a chance to interact with a real live person, is usually nonexistent, these experiences struck me as really great and I'd like to help spread the word about them. Businesses that take care of their customers deserve to be praised and have their business grow, and this is just my personal, little way to help out after they helped me out. So well done, Eyeglasses.com! You'll be the only place I'll buy my glasses from now on and I highly recommend that any of you readers do the same for all of your glasses needs.