Two More Arrived

As I mentioned last week, I was awaiting two more books from their respective publishers to read and review. Well, the BBC Archives book arrived on Wednesday, and Man On the Run arrived yesterday. Those are the next two books immediately on my list after I finish All These Years: Tune In. (which I'm about 100 pages into out of ~950 pages).

I've also been looking to get a copy of the new George Harrison biography, "Behind That Locked Door" from the publisher.

Finally, I'm planning on reviewing other books, as well as posting my previously written book reviews from other websites in years past in order to collect and present everything on this site for your convenience and (hopefully) enjoyment.

What this whole exercise has shown me is that, since I started with the crazy dream back in 2003 to write my first Blur book, if you work hard and persevere, great things can happen if you stick with it!