The Magical Mystery Listening Tour: Day 2

Continuing my alphabetical album journey through 130 GB of music:

Today's listening:

R.E.M. - Accelerate
The Beatles - Acetates
Mansun - Acoustic
The Smashing Pumpkins - Adore

"Accelerate" was R.E.M.'s best album in years when it was released in 2007. I remember wanting them to break up after the disappointing "Around the Sun" album and being so glad they didn't when Accelerate came out. The Beatles' "Acetates" is a bootleg album that has home acetate recordings of songs, some which ended up on albums and some which didn't. The coolest tunes on here are the full-length "12-Bar Original," and Paul's gorgeous demo of "Goodbye." An added treat is the Beatles' (well, Paul's) version of his song "Come and Get It," which the band turned down for inclusion on "Abbey Road" (what a shame) before Badfinger had a hit with it. Mansun's "Acoustic" album is a compilation of all of the acoustic versions they recorded of some of their singles and B-sides, and is excellent. "Adore" has always been unfairly vilified, in my opinion. It's not the best Pumpkins album but it's damn good and one I always enjoy going back to to listen to.