The Magical Mystery (Listening) Tour

With 130 GB of music on my 160 GB iPod, I've got a LOT of music to choose from when I listen.  The official stats via iTunes are that my iPod has 17,616 songs, which is equivalent to 56.6 solid *days* of listening! And while I obviously like everything on my iPod (to varying degrees), there are definitely artists and albums I listen to much more frequently than others.

I was lurking on an internet forum for a favorite musician of mine, and someone posted that they were going to listen to every album on their iPod in alphabetical order. I thought that was a great idea, and today I decided I'm going to do just that as well!

I started with the "A's" (of course!) and starting from the beginning, I've listened to:

The Beatles - Abbey Road
Derek and the Dominos - Aborted 2nd Album
Santana - Abraxas
Frank Zappa - Absolutely Free
Genesis - Academy of Music, New York City, 5/4/74

I'll continue to update my progress as regularly as I can, and offer any opinions on anything I listen to, especially if it's something I haven't heard in a while and if it seems better or worse to me than I remembered. So far, Abbey Road and Abraxas are, or course, legendary classic albums, so there's not much to say there. The Derek and the Dominos songs for their aborted 2nd album remind me yet again how much of a shame it was that Clapton couldn't keep that great band going longer. And the Zappa album (his second) is fantastic and an underrated (not by his fans) gem from his discography. Finally, a great Peter Gabriel-era Genesis show with a rare version of Firth of Fifth with the piano introduction. 

Strap yourself in for the ride!