Today's the day!

Today, Apple is going to announce the new iPhone, which many people are hoping will be a radically redesigned iPhone 5 but the rumors are pointing that it's more likely to be the iPhone 4S, which will be a really nicely souped up 4 with better display, processing speed, camera, and the crown jewel, the new version of iOS, iOS 5.  Apple is also releasing iOS 5 today for iPhone 4 and 3GS, so I'm really excited for that. My wife and I have 3GS's that are still going strong and are great phones, so I'll be able to use iOS 5 until we're eligible for an upgrade to the new iPhones in March.  It should work perfectly, since by March the hype will have subsided a bit so we should have no problem with stores being out of stock.

Obviously, if you're not an Apple fan geek like me, this post won't interest you in the least!

In any event, we'll know all of the details for sure by this afternoon...stay tuned!