Shoe Thing: Anyone Know Anything About These?

I bought these Converse All-Star Team Legends shoes in 1998, brand new at Red's Shoe Barn in Dover. They're Larry Bird signature versions, which, from what I've found online, are very rare as they were the final pair of shoes he endorsed and were only for sale in New England. I bought them brand new upon release in 1998 and in a size 13, even though my feet are size 15, because Bird was my favorite player growing up and I had to have them, plus they look wicked cool.

These were the only pair Red's had, if I remember correctly, and they were on display so when I bought them, there was no box. I never wore these...they were on a shelf in my room for a year and then sat in a box in my closet, and later my garage, until last month.

Does anyone know how many of these are around and what the value is? I'm thinking of selling...I'm still a diehard Celtics and Bird fan but these aren't doing me any good sitting in a closet and I could put the money towards something more practical (*cough* iPad 2, *cough*).

Any info would be much appreciated!

UPDATE: I just found out from a fellow who is an expert on such things over at that they're worth $200-300!! How cool is that?