Wedding Band Update

I remembered that I mentioned I was having issues with my wedding band falling off since I've lost a bunch of weight. I went to the jewelry store on Wednesday (Jewelry Creations in Dover, the best place!) and first they measured my finger. I've gone from a size 16 (the size of my wedding band and finger from when we got married in 2002) to a size 12.5! Since I'm not quite at my goal, they were nice enough to fit a ring guard on it. In fact, they did one better...they sold me a ring guard for $20 (including the installation) and, noticing it was kind of small and flimsy (compared to the size of my ring and finger), they put on a heavier duty, more expensive one, and didn't charge me extra! They even buffed and polished my hasn't looked this good since our wedding day! (It's a platinum band and platinum loses it shine *VERY* quickly just by getting scuffed). I was very pleased and now I can at least be confident the ring isn't going to slip off every time I move my hand!

Below are the before and after pictures:

BEFORE (look at all that space!)