"What a drag it is getting old..."

Well, ok, I'm not exactly *old*, I just wanted to use that line from the classic Stones' song***. But lately I have been thinking a lot about aging and progressing through life...

I turned 31 this past February and while that hardly qualifies me as *old*, I am finally coming to grips with the fact that I'm not *young* anymore. Over the last few years as I approached and then passed 30, it's hit me that I'm starting to get to a place I never thought I would when I was 20 or even 25. Lately, I've been really nostalgic for the decades I grew up in, the 1980s and 1990s. And by nostalgic, I just mean that when a certain song plays on my iPod or the radio, when yet another product/TV show/movie is rebooted and marketed as "new" to today's youth, etc, it just takes me back to being a kid/teenager and the good times from back then. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my current adult life, but the more frequent thinking back to younger, more innocent days is, I think, natural for everyone as they get older, and it's been funny for me to notice that I'm beginning to do the same thing we all used to make fun of our parents for doing when we were kids...talking about how much better the "good old days" were!

The funniest thing for me is how I seem to be less in tune to the pop culture of the day, and it's been a gradual thing. That, and the fact that I feel like more and more of it is garbage. It's been a long time since I've seen a good, ORIGINAL (non-remake/adaptation) movie that hasn't been a kids movie (I have 4 kids so I see a LOT of kids flicks these days). Most TV shows are terrible, most music these days is awful, and I used to pride myself on finding the best new bands before anyone else had caught on, but I recently noticed there hasn't been a new band that I've latched on to and really enjoyed in a good 5-6 years...most of the bands I listen to that are still actively recording/touring debuted years ago.

It's particularly funny for me because now that I have kids, they have no idea what the world was like before the internet, iPods, cell phones, DVD players, video games, hundreds of cable channels, etc. From when I was a kid, I remember:

rotary telephones, party lines, phones with cords, a world with no internet, record players, cassettes, 8-track tapes, VHS tapes, TV antennas on the roof, having no cable, the first primitive home computers, Ataris, video arcades, the original Nintendo, cars with crank windows and no air conditioning, the TV going off the air (the test patterns) late at night, garage doors you had to open by hand, the Walkman, buying comic books at the grocery/drug store, a world before every store/restaurant was a chain...

I could go on and on, but I won't. I just wanted to throw this out there and share this and see what other people think, especially anyone who is around the same age as me (early 30s)...how has your perception changed as you've gotten older?

***Talk about showing my age, quoting a Rolling Stones song from the mid-1960s...how ironic!