Thursday, September 10, 2015

International Literacy Day

All of you who read this blog regularly, and especially those of you who know me in real life, know that I love books and writing. For me, the written word is the gateway to knowledge, adventure, comfort, creativity, and expression. Oftentimes, however, we take for granted that reading and writing is such an integral part of our culture and the fact that it's a given we will all learn to read and write when we are young children. For many in this country and around the world, illiteracy is still a major problem and holds so many back from reaching their true potential and a lifetime of enjoyment and learning. I've partnered with Grammarly before and for International Literacy Day they have created an interesting, eye-opening, and enlightening infographic as seen below.

Literacy Day

To support International Literacy Day, why not donate some books or some money to help those who can't read learn this crucial lifelong skill? You can check your local library for information on how to donate books, and there are also some charities you can donate to that do good work in this area, such as Reading is Fundamental, First Book, and ProLiteracy. I hope you'll join me in being charitable and helping to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy and benefit from being able to read and write!

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