Unique Beatles Photographic Auction Coming Up This Week


It was brought to my attention yesterday by Invaluable online auctions that there are several lots of some really interesting Beatles photographs that are coming up for sale. The online auctions start this week in the US on May 6 at 10pm EST (or May 7 at 12pm EDST in Australia) and are titled the “Unique Beatles Photographic Auction.” I thought this would be of interest for all of you hardcore Beatlemaniacs and collectors out there, so if you're interested keep reading!

Among the lots of photos include:

Lot 6: The Beatles on their way to Washington by train during their US 1964 tour
Lot 9: Images of The Beatles during a press conference on their way to Washington by train during their US 1964 tour
Lot 40: The Beatles performing on the Ed Sullivan Show circa 1964

The majority of the photos which were taken by Eve Bowen come from one session on the train journey to Washington, DC from New York City during the Beatles first ever U.S visit in February 1964. Most of the negatives were acquired as a group and several have been previously illustrated online with the consent of the vendor. What makes this opportunity so unique is that they come with copyright so the owner may use the image and reproduce them as they wish.  As you can see from the pictures in this post (which are from the actual lots), there are lots of nice photos here and many of them will be new and unseen for many Beatles fans.  What's nice about these is that they are mainly candid, behind-the-scenes moments that show a really human side to the band and what Beatlemania was like from the inside.

It still amazes me that all these years later there are still new Beatles photographs being unearthed, and my guess is that there are countless more waiting (like these) to finally be seen someday.  You can check out the complete lots HERE...for all of you collectors, good luck!