Monday, May 25, 2015

Every Concert Has a Story Behind It...

You may have noticed the series of posts I've been writing over the course of the last few months on some of the concerts I've been to over the years. In case you were wondering what my impetus for writing them is, I figured a short post discussing this very point might be helpful. I did touch on it briefly in the first entry in the series, but when I went back and read it I didn't think I did a very good job conveying what my thought process was, so here's my chance for a do-over...

Basically, I had spent some time several months ago thinking about all of the concerts I've been to over the past (almost) twenty years since I first started going to shows. Not only did I reminisce about all of the different artists I've seen, but I also started to think about the different things that happened before, during, and after each show. What really opened my eyes to the possibilities of writing this series was a discussion I had with a friend about something funny that happened at one of the shows I'd seen years before. Then, I told him about something weird that happened at another one, and then another...eventually I stopped and realized "whoa...pretty much every concert I've been to has some interesting story to tell." It really opened my eyes to the fact that there is a story behind every one of them...some funny things, some weird things, some interesting things, and so on. Gee, I thought, maybe it would be fun for me to share these stories with all of my readers? I also realized that it would be a great way for me to chronicle all of these memories and concerts to help preserve them before I forget about them! I decided to write about them in random order instead of chronologically; I figured this would make the posts less predictable and keep it interesting for me and for you, my readers.

I've already posted these three posts in the series:

...and I plan on completing posts for every single one of the shows I've seen. I do hope that they have been and will continue to be enjoyable, interesting, and as fun for you read as they've been for me to write. And as always, please feel free to share your own memories and feedback here in the comments section as well as on my Facebook and Twitter of the other things I'm hoping for with this series is to spur discussions and perhaps help you remember some of your own concert memories. I hope you'll stay with me as I tell these stories!  

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