Monday, September 23, 2013

New Albums

Within the next 3 weeks, 2 new albums by a couple of my favorite bands/musicians are being released that I'm very excited to finally hear!

First up is Dream Theater's self-titled album, their 12th, is due out tomorrow (September 24th). It's their second album with new drummer Mike Mangini and their first to involve him in the creative process from start to finish. Their prior album with Mangini, A Dramatic Turn of Events, was excellent, although I'm a huge fan of original DT drummer Mike Portnoy, so I didn't *love* that album. Here's hoping this new one is great (I'm sure it will be).

And due out on October 15th is the new album from Paul McCartney, "New." It's his first rock album of originals since 2007's excellent "Memory Almost Full." I've already discussed my love of his music, as well as the excellent lead single from this album. To say I've been eagerly awaiting this new album would be an understatement!

I hope to review these (and many other) albums in the coming weeks, so check back to see what I've gotten up to!

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