Monday, October 17, 2011

Miles and Miles and More Miles!

Last week I passed 200 miles run since I got back into running on Memorial Day weekend. After last night's run, I'm up to 220 miles right goal is to hit 400 by New Years...we'll see if I can do it! I think I'll be able to...I'm averaging ~5 miles/run right now, so it should take me a shorter amount of time to hit the next 200 than the first 200 (since, when I began running, I was barely doing 1.50 miles/run and had to slowly build up).

The most important thing is I'm feeling GREAT physically when I run...the difference is so noticeable. Whereas I used to struggle and labor through the run, even as recently as July/August, the last couple of months I feel so good and confident in how my body, heart, and lungs feel that I can just focus on trying to run faster and longer instead of just finishing. I never thought I'd get back to this point again, but I did and it feels great. 

400 miles, here I come!

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